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2023: Year in Review

By Christine McGrath


Jan. 1, 2024


Another year gone by. They seem to be going faster and faster these days. I go from writing this blog to summer time and then the holidays again. It’s probably because I’m always looking forward to the next big fun thing. And this year was no exception.


There were a couple of big moments in our lives in 2023. The first was I got a new job! Yes, after 19 years at News 12 (almost to the day), I left to start a new adventure as a writer at Stony Brook University. This shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone – that I’m a writer and that I left. Most know that I’ve been looking to get out of the news business for several years now. And I’ve obviously been writing for a long, long time. So, after months (years) really of sending out resumes, I accepted a position with the Advancement team at Stony Brook. But I’m getting way ahead of myself! Let’s start at the beginning of 2023.


January and February were filled with Islanders games – as we were in the middle of our full season ticket plan. At the beginning of February, I actually started interviewing for two jobs at Stony Brook. Seeing as how I’d had interviews for jobs in the past, I took these in stride and looked forward to our weeklong getaway to Fort Pierce in Florida. By the end of that vacation, I had two job offers and a big decision to make! March 31, 2023 was my last day at News 12 – and my co-workers gave me a send-off to remember complete with breakfast sandwiches, a Moe’s lunch and a gigantic cake. And let’s not forget the drinks and dueling pianos at the Village Idiot to end a great tenure at the place I started my career.


I started my new job at Stony Brook in April, and while I still get FOMO sometimes with my old co-workers, I truly love what I do. I get to interview some amazing philanthropists and alumni doing great things. It doesn’t hurt that Stony Brook is now a 15-minute commute and we’re still hybrid.


May saw some baseball games, and a trip to Chicago for BlockCon – yes weekend convention for New Kids on the Block fans (affectionately called Blockheads). It was fantastic. We were treated to an extended concert with deep cuts, some great panels, a ball game and a ‘prom.’ All experiences that allowed fans to get up close and personal with the guys. Definitely a weekend I’ll never forget.


In June, Dave took David to Pittsburgh to see the Mets play the Pirates. And then we all celebrated David’s graduation from high school. I also took a trip to Jersey to see Ed Sheeran with Liz, Jack and Lily at MetLife Stadium, while Dave took Ashley to see Dead & Company at Citi Field. In August, we redid our back patio and we absolutely love it! We doubled the size in pavers, and it’s just beautiful. In September we had two weddings to attend, and I gave a lecture in my new co-worker’s journalism class, which was definitely a first for me! Public speaking, who am I?


October was a fun filled month for us! To kick it off, we had our Halloween party pretty early, and despite the rain, I think it was our best one yet. We dressed as Where’s Waldo (and Wenda), and I mingled with my old and new co-workers all night. (And I might have imbibed a little too much with some News 12 peeps – but it was all fun!) Then, we kicked off the Islanders season at UBS Arena with our second season ticket membership. Next, Dave headed west to Los Angeles to visit his buddy. And to route out the month, I reunited with my News 12 peeps again for the New York Emmys. We didn’t win, but we had a fantastic night out that ended with a pedicab to Penn Station.


November was an emotional month as Jack the Dog needed surgery (but he’s back to his old self again a month later). I celebrated a girls night with my Zumba ladies ahead of the holiday, and then celebrated David’s 18th birthday. We started December off in the Bahamas – Paradise Island. It was a weeklong fun in the sun vacation. And it was the first vacation in 19 years I didn’t have to worry about work. Our biggest decision each day was if we’d head to the beach or the pool to start the morning. And my favorite part of the trip was finding our little cove at the end of the beach filled with fish that would swim right up to us.


As the year comes to a close, I can’t help but be grateful for the past year. Sure, it had it’s ups and downs, as each year does, but in the end, there were some really great moments that I’ll never forget. I’m excited to see what 2024 has in store for us. There’s already two trips planned (Nashville and Disney), and there’s talk of heading back to Maine and perhaps a trip out west or the Caribbean again! And let’s not forget the New Kids are touring again this year!


And in my annual recap – here goes my resolutions and highlights!


2023 Resolutions:
-Update my website - nope
-Start up my creative writing again – does my new job count?
-Bake more – I perfected my brownies and found a great oatmeal cookie recipe
-Continue to keep the weight off – it fluctuated, but it’s still off
-Focus more on the positive things – again – does the new job count?
-Plan little trips to make big memories – only a few this year – but they were great memories!


2023 Highlights:

-Florida trip
-Starting my new job
-David graduating

-Bahamas trip
-New York Emmys night
-Our annual Halloween party

2024 Resolutions:
-Update my website (putting this back on)
-Plan more trips!!
-Continue to keep the weight off
-Work out more in the AM before work
-Catch up with friends more often


What are some of your resolutions?

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