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Who Am I?


That's me and my favorite celebrity Jimmy Fallon at his book signing of 'Thank You Notes 2' at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square.

You say you were wondering about me, eh?

I am a writer, editor, executive producer, manager and blogger. I am a hard worker and creative thinker. I am a problem solver and a solution seeker.

I utilize what I learn at work and apply it to everyday life.  I take what I learn in everyday life and apply it to work situations.

I am a TV, film, book and magazine junkie, always looking for that entertainment gossip and great hit show. I hate most reality TV shows, but have a guilty pleasure for some. I like action films and romantic comedies.  I like the movies that imitate real life, though have a twist of a happy ending.

I’m a creative writer that focuses on picking apart daily situations. 

I am a daughter, sister, wife, stepmother, and friend. I go out of my way to make people happy, which is a trait I am finding hurts and helps me in the end.

For the most part, I remain calm under pressure, but at times have a tendency to let the little things bug me.

I am a dancer.  And I love to create my own choreography. 

I am a boy band lover - fellow Blockhead and member of the BSB Army, and I have a strange obsession with Jimmy Fallon. I have never missed an episode of his show, unless my DVR fails to work.

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